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What is the Ethereal Network Surfer(Surfer)?

Thanks for asking! The Ethereal Network Surfer is our attempt at a browser for the

Ethereal dimension. We believe this dimension is coexisting and codeveloping around us,

and our goal is to access and enjoy the beauty of such an interesting quantum concept!

When was the Surfer started?

We started the Surfer in 2021 out of a technological necessity for our new art gallery!

Muse is the world's first multiversal art gallery, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Our collection is on display in multiple realities, including the digital, physical, and

ethereal realms. 

What sorts of things are accessible through the Surfer?

Muse has partnered with multiple digital and physical artists to create artworks to

be put on display in our gallery. Art is not the only thing accessible through the Surfer, however.

We have built a complex web of interactive internet content only accessible through the Ethereal

Network Surfer.

Where do I get a code to enter?

Many of the pages are accessible only to viewers present in our physical locations.

By entering the codes found at these location viewers can access the ethereal realm.

Codes will be displayed on real life sculptures, within puzzles, and more. 

Where are these physical locations?

Muse currently hosts one physical location, the Terrapin Station Treehouse Compound. 

Our second location, 11:11 Camp, will be available in July, 2021.

In addition to these main hubs Ethereal Access Points will be placed in many other

locations throughout cities and countryside alike.